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DfE Sustainability Brief

The DfE Technical Annex sets out to address the Government's own programme of achieving Carbon Neutrality in new buildings by 2050.

This document must also be read in conjunction with the full suite of current Output Specification documents and the SSB (School Specific Brief) for individual projects.

In the download are some salient points which may affect future submissions when this Technical Annex is required.

Download further information here:
DfE Sustainability Brief (PDF 261 KB)

Future Homes Standard 2025

As Part of the Governments route to the Future Homes Standard in 2025 the Department for Housing, Communities and Local Government recently published new draft Approved Documents Part L, F and an additional Approved Document for Overheating in Homes.

After consultation for the Approved Documents, publication is due in December 2021.

The new regulations will come into force in June 2022.

Download further information here:
Future Homes Standard (PDF 1,643 KB)

School NVHR Ventilation

There is no specific guidance on the use of NVHR Ventilation Systems in schools produced by the DFES or any included in the Output Specifications to date.

Guidance can be found in CIBSE COVID19 Ventilation Guide, Issue 4, dated 23 October 20, and a COVID-19 Ventilation Guide (Winter 2020-21) issued by manufacturers Breathing Buildings.

In this document, we summarise the guidance specific to the use of NVHR Units and Spread of COVID-19 Viruses.

Download further information here:
School NVHR Ventilation (PDF 54 KB)

Building Regulations Part B 2020

Following three years of discussions and consultations into fire safety within mid and high rise buildings, the Government has issued information relating to the changes that are to be made to the Building Regulations Approved Document Part B Volume 1 (Dwellings) and Volume 2 (Buildings Other than Dwellings) and will affect how we design buildings in the future.

The main changes to the Approved document other than a few typographical errors can be seen in the document.

Download further information here:
Building Regulations (PDF 223 KB)