Construction of a new £17 Million four-storey building constructed on an existing College site. The development was phased to enable Ware College to function normally throughout the entire construction process, with demolition of existing buildings and diversion of site services ensuring continuity of facilities at all times.

New buildings incorporate a control system to ensure windows open to provide fresh air and natural ventilation, and night-time cooling of the building improves comfort levels and reduces the need for mechanical cooling. Introduction of external shading on the new buildings reduces solar gain and again reduces the need for additional cooling to the buildings.

A feature of the new College buildings is the Hair and Beauty facility which are comparable to any new commercial facility. Chilled beams deliver a quiet cooling service and roof mounted solar panels provide low energy hot water.

As the Campus is located on a sloping site, rainwater harvesting has been incorporated into the design of the services enabling the College to reduce its demand for fresh water to the site, thereby reducing operating costs.

Security access, TV surveillance and comprehensive amenity lighting systems have been incorporated into the new Campus design to ensure a safe and secure environment for both staff and students.