Building Modelling and Simulation

Silcock Dawson has in-house building simulation software which enables us to create dynamic models and evaluate the performance of buildings throughout the design process including:
  • » predict comfort conditions
  • » optimise energy efficiency
  • » examine the visual impact
  • » control costs
The 'virtual environment' building design application uses a single integrated building model. The model is produced using Model IT software that incorporates links to AutoCAD drawings as architectural desktop.
The thermal simulation module enables us to:
  • » predict occupant comfort conditions throughout the year
  • » estimate energy consumption and evaluate energy efficiency measures
  • » allow innovative designs to be tested prior to construction
  • » assess the environmental impact of a design
  • » compare alternative construction materials and different building use sundries
The building simulation module also enables us to:
  • » design effective natural and hybrid ventilation solutions
  • » optimise the benefits from passive solar design
  • » improve the accuracy of energy consumption estimates control strategies