Mechanical Engineering

The input of the Building Services Engineer to the design process can have a major effect on the quality of the indoor environment in our homes, workplaces and public buildings.
Our Mechanical Engineering services covers a whole range of building engineering services including:
  • » Heating
  • » Air Conditioning
  • » Ventilation
  • » Water Services
  • » Gas Supplies
  • » Building Management and Control
  • » Systems
  • » Medical Gases
  • » Combined Heat and Power
  • » Water Treatment
Our engineers are experienced and skilled in designing these services to suit a wide range of building types.
Primarily, our engineers are focused on delivering a quality internal environment at an economic cost.
Increasingly, our work is directed towards designing buildings that do not fully rely on energy using systems to maintain suitable indoor environments.
By use of building simulation software tools, we can predict the performance of buildings designed to control their environments by passive means, thus reducing C02 emissions.