Provision of a new Academy School for 11 - 18 year olds providing 1,350 (9FE) Secondary school places and 270 Sixth Form places, increasing the existing schools capacity from 1.050 places. The school will also re-provide 24 Nursery places for 3 - 5 year old children under the PSBP Scheme.

The existing school sits on a former landfill site and will be demolished following completion of the new school.

The new property is passively engineered following a lean, mean and green philosophy and is sustainably designed to be energy compliant to satisfy the requirements of the London Plan.

The building services are designed in accordance with the Education Funding Agency Facilities OutPut Specification and all spaces are complaint for lighting, day lighting and over heating. Hybrid natural ventilation is predominantly employed throughout the property to meet CO2 and temperature requirements.

The existing sports hall structure is retained by re-cladding with new fabric to match the new school building in appearance and energy performance.