Thanks to detailed input from Silcock Dawson, the first stage of a major project to re-model the Chemistry and Biology laboratories within a major science building in Cambridge has been completed, with the second stage now underway.

The science park project comprises a facelift to two floors in each of three blocks, which make up MedImmune’s Sir Aaron Klug Building. Silcock Dawson is responsible for adapting existing air conditioning and ventilation as well as overseeing the laboratory gas, lighting, power controls and hot and cold water services in the facility, covering an area of 10,000 m2

Phase 1 was undertaken within an extremely tight time schedule, just 10 months from concept design to completion. A further three phases are to be undertaken on the project. The project will be carried through its design and construction phases by the firm with costs being agreed on an open book basis.

Cambridge has a world-class reputation for its scientific research facilities. Silcock Dawson's repuation in this field is equally measured with a vast portfolio of projects in the scientific community including Systems Biology Institute and Cambridge Centre for Imaging for the University of Cambridge, National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Cambridge Discovery Chemistry, Medivir (UK) Ltd, RiboTargets, LaserScan and Acambis Therapeutics.